About Us

about brookeadamsphotography - About Us

Brooke Adams Photography was founded not by a woman by the name Brooke Adams but Sophia Hayward from Victoria. Hayward has been a photographer ever since she was a kid.

Establishing the Angle

In 2014, Hayward wanted to start a photography blog, but she was worried that her content won’t be enough to compete with top blogs and magazines in Australia.

She spent days and nights trying to figure out a certain focus for her blog that would allow her to stand out. After several weeks, she couldn’t figure it out, so she decided to wing it.

She wrote about everything about her photography from the first timeshe held a camera up to the time she bought her own. As the years went by, Hayward opened her photography studio providing services mostly for small weddings and small corporate events.

Her magazine titled Brooke Adams Photography became a series of stories told with photos.

Big Break in 2018

In 2018, Hayward got her biggest break as a photographer and blogger. Her photos at a recent event she did were featured in an exhibition for up and coming artists across Victoria.

Many people who saw her photos also saw her potential and that she knew what she was doing as she explained every story behind each image.

After a couple of weeks, the blog was commissioned to become an online magazine for photography and Hayward was assigned as the Director.