How to Prepare for a Corporate Event

Corporate events are said to be one of the easiest functions to cover. Well, we don’t agree with that at all. The emergence of photobooths somehow eclipsed that fact that a corporate event is fast-moving and that photographers must be able to keep up or they are sure to miss a lot of great shots.

Corporate events have been a niche for many successful photographers. This is why it is important to focus your services on a niche.

Do you have an upcoming corporate event? Here is how you prepare, step-by-step.

How to Prepare for a Corporate Event 1 - How to Prepare for a Corporate Event

Step 1. Establish a team

Believe it or not, some corporate events are so big that more than 10 photographers not including videographers are needed. We are sure that there are some conventions out there requiring more.

Weddings, birthday parties, and other events also require a team of photographers. Corporate events, on the other hand, demands more. It is important that you have a team and that each member is assigned something to do.

Brief your team beforehand. Everyone must be able to function well without much supervision. Team effort!

Step 2. Connect with the organisers

Afterwards, it is important to connect with the organisers to get more information about the event. First, ask for an itinerary with a breakdown of the event. That way, you’ll know what to expect and you’ll be able to prepare.

Not just the itinerary but the venue as well. You must be familiar with the venue layout and setting. There might be off-limit areas.

This is important especially for hotel and casinos function halls. In these cases, venues only allow people within the function area, but casino floor and other key areas are off-limits.

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Step 3. Create a Photography Plan

This is more than just establishing a shot list. A photography plan is a breakdown of everything from photography to videography, to editing, and then to the release. A photography plan is the whole package of the service you’ll be providing.

You must then relay everything to your clients and the organisers. That way, they’ll know what to expect.

Step 4. Prepare your arsenal

You don’t have to bring all your camera equipment and accessories for the event. That would be too much hassle. Now that you got enough information about the venue and the itinerary, you can prepare the cameras and equipment you’ll be needing to capture great photos.

You might want to consider having a camera drone. Demand for drone photography in the global market is on the rise.

Step 5. Test your equipment

Finally, make sure to check all your cameras, equipment and accessories are working fine. You don’t want to be at the event and then realise that one of your cameras is broken or maybe the storage is full.