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Photography Events - Photography Events

If you are hoping to visit and experience some of the best photography events across the globe, here is your itinerary.

Milan Image Art Fair

This year Milan Image Art Fair or MIA is the first international photography and video art fair in Italy. The fair is held for art collectors of photography. Photos featured in this fair are taken by both established and emerging artists not only from Italy but from all over the globe.

This year’s theme will focus on contemporary art. The fair is scheduled from September 10 to 13 this year.


Photokina is more than just a photography event. It is a once a year opportunity for photographers and videographers to gather to discuss the future of their art. Photokina takes place every year in Cologne, Germany.

It is not just photos that are featured in this annual photography exhibition. People are also introduced to the latest products and innovations in photography. Photokina also features the best works of top photographers from all over the globe.

Not only that, aspiring photographers are sure to learn a lot from participants in this event as it is not only for marketing purposes but also for education.Photokina was originally scheduled in May 2020 but it was later postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event will take place in 2022.

The Photography Show

This time we go to the United Kingdom. The Photography Show is the grand show for associations, media outlets and photography studios within Britain. You’ll be introduced to some of the best photographers both young and old.

This event is becoming more and more of a competition between participants.

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