Timeless Tips for Wedding Photographers

There are probably hundreds of thousands of wedding photographers from all over the globe. The wedding photography business here in Australia is blowing up. There are even photo studios servicing only weddings.

For all wedding photographers out there, either established or just starting, here are some timeless tips for all of you.

Scout the Location

Before you start shooting, make sure you first do some recon. With that, we encourage all photographers out there to first visit the venue or venues for the wedding. One of the biggest challenges for wedding photographers is a limitation with space. That is why most event organisers in Australia have a dedicated photography team.

Scouting the location means you familiarise yourself with the setting and potential angles. You can also prepare for natural circumstances like if the venue does not have much natural light, you can bring one.

Make sure to coordinate with the organisers as well.

Create a Shot List

You can’t just go through with an event without a shot list. Remember that the bride, groom, and guests won’t adjust for you. You need to adjust to them. With that, creating a shot list to help you monitor everything is a great help.

Here’s another one. When creating a shot list, make sure to ask for the couple’s input. They are sure going to have a couple of ideas in mind. This will make things easier for you to finalise your list. Creating a shot list is a bit of a struggle.

Most wedding photographers are hoping to be original. However, most angle or photo ideas are already taken.

But, don’t think of it as copying someone, keep in mind that you are photographing different subjects.

Turn off Camera Sound

This is simple but a big one. Trust us, we’ve experienced how scary and frustrating this can be. Make sure that all the sound effects of your camera are turned off or on silent.

Master Diffuse Light

This is a big one. Most weddings take place inside churches with not much lighting available. That is why it is hard to get great shots with clarity and good sharpness. A way around this is to use flash. However, some churches and venues don’t allow flash photography.

That is where you make sure of diffused light or non-directional light. Diffused light means making use of even light intensity. This means light bounces or reflects off areas around the subject or subjects. This will come in handy especially if people are moving around as well.

Focus on Backgrounds

In photography, it is a rule of thumb to focus on the subject or subjects. But after hundreds of wedding events, we’ve determined that focusing on backgrounds is a pretty cool trick. At weddings and receptions, the background sometimes steals the show from the subject.

The most beautiful photos are not the ones with amazing subjects or indicators but those with great backgrounds. Backgrounds and settings communicate on a different level and in many ways, they are saying something different from the subject.

Are you ready for your next wedding event?

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